What should I do if no one is available to sign for my shipment, or if the person isn't of legal age?

Many customers choose to have their order sent to their work address so that an adult is present to sign for it. If an order is sent to a home address and an adult is not present, FedEx will try to deliver twice more on consecutive business days. FedEx will furnish their telephone number on the door tags they leave so that the customer can call to arrange pick up of their package at the local FedEx facility if they like. FedEx will hold packages for five days if a customer tells them that they are coming to pick up their package. If the customer does not contact FedEx, or if the package is not picked up within the five day window, FedEx will return the package to us. We will need to charge shipping again for re-shipping packages.

How can I track my order?

The Order Fulfillment email will contain your FedEx tracking number, which you can enter at FedEx.com to track your package. If you have further questions feel free to contact us at 250-494-9323.

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